Monthly Archives: April 2012

12.04.27 a well traveled woman

  oftentimes, adventure is a word connected to wild, instinctual, and predominantly male hunger. as more women than just myself know — this doesn’t, in the slightest bit, represent the adventurous longings out there, nor does it describe the depth of what adventure can mean to a woman. there’s a Tumblr out there in Tumblrland, […]

12.04.25 the unseen sea

it’s been such an insane week so far, i don’t even feel like i have time to post anything, but i’ll take the cheap way out today and just post a gorgeous time-lapse video depicting the beautiful SF bay and its constant counterpart: fog. here’s “The Unseen Sea” by the Swiss artist,  Simon Christen. thanks […]

12.04.15 films :: take shelter

Take Shelter (2011) Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, & Tova Stewart via directed & written by Jeff Nichols starring Michael Shannon as Curtis Jessica Chastain as Samantha Tova Stewart as Hannah Shea Whigham as Dewart winner of Cannes Film Festival’s Critics Week Grand Prize & SACD Award (Jeff Nichols) CFCA Awards’ Best Actor (Michael Shannon) […]

12.04.07 whistles and a swim

  every workday, i walk past the construction of the future Transbay Terminal in downtown SF. amidst the clamor of general construction work, workers yelling at one another, the beeps of machinery moving backwards, today, i heard a single whistle. . the whistle, i’m sure, is used for communicated across the site, which is separated […]

12.04.03 another tuesday

so, i realize that i’ve been more than neglectful when i’ve said i wouldn’t be. but i also know that i find it difficult to begin something i’m unprepared for. these are new times, my friends, and i’m learning that being unprepared for something does not mean that you should avoid it. more often than not, […]