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12.10.11 public works – public bikes

this week, i had the lovely, serendipitous chance to go to the exhibit opening of Public Works – a gallery exhibit put on by PUBLIC (an SF-based bike & gear design company, which provides our city’s streets with beautifully colored, stylish, and practical cruiser bikes — you’d know them if you saw them). with Public Works, PUBLIC […]

12.09.17 emma sancartier

oh blog.  i’m so sorry to have neglected you.  but so many crazy and fun things have happened, and i’m now pretty busy and thankful for it.  exciting projects in the works, and even more ideas for posts!  this post features the fantastic (in many ways) illustrative work of San Francisco based Emma SanCartier, whose art […]

12.08.08 peter crawley

handicrafts?  check.  music?  check.  minimalistic, abstract artistry?  …and check.  enter UK artist Peter Crawley and his handstitched visualizations of classic songs — each row representing 1 minute of audio, each stitch representing the frequencies’ amplitude at that moment.  Crawley’s series is appropriately called “Audio-Visual” and is both a simple idea and beautifully executed design pieces. […]

12.07.26 art nouveau lovefest

i’ve recently been keeping an eye on Art Nouveau — especially with the current popularity of modern, minimalist design and the super popularized Victorian era, vintagey, even Prohibition style design that’s come into play (in websites, print, retail, restaurants… like they said in Portlandia, the 1890s are so in).  the pendulum always swings as far as […]

12.07.03 moonrise kingdom & jessica hische

if you haven’t seen the film Moonrise Kingdom already, then you’ve probably heard the hype. if you haven’t heard the hype…then i don’t know where you’re hiding, but i’ll help you out with some explanation. Moonrise Kingdom is Wes Anderson‘s new film, which is a young love story that takes place in 1965. if you’ve seen his […]

12.06.25 maricor / maricar

  it’s a new week, and i’m working on a few personal projects and getting ready to do some travelling in the next weeks. one of my projects has me working on handcrafted typography, and although i’m really enjoying it, MAN — it’s a labor of love (heavy on the labor). so much detail is […]

12.05.12 wish i were here

i’m still here! hard to believe, i’m sure. after a few weeks of crazy business and busy craziness, my life is settling down a bit, and i’m able to feel present.  sort of. last week, i was in New York City, working and visiting old friends, the week before, i was in Marin County, mountain […]

12.04.03 another tuesday

so, i realize that i’ve been more than neglectful when i’ve said i wouldn’t be. but i also know that i find it difficult to begin something i’m unprepared for. these are new times, my friends, and i’m learning that being unprepared for something does not mean that you should avoid it. more often than not, […]

london 2012 looks confused.

although i realize that the 80s are back in full force (socks with sandals, neons, huge graphics and denim on denim on denim…), and i realize that londoners have styles that i can even begin to understand sometimes,but to me, the logo for the 2012 summer olympics in london doesn’t really look kick-back cool, but […]