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happy perseid metoer shower weekend

it just so happened that i found a fig today at the market whose colors and speckles reminded me the shower was even happening. – the months have been flying like crazy, who knows where i’ve been, but as always, i’m hoping to get back on whatever idealistic envisioning of a horse i’ve imagined for […]

13.05.12 happy day to all the mothers

and especially to mine. [1] – my mom around 16, Thompson River Canyon, Colorado [2] – my grandma circa 1945 pregnant with my uncle, Kansas City, KS i love these ladies, and i hope all of your moms know they’re loved and get to enjoy today.

13.01.30 remnants of captured light

in November, i went to the Monterey Cannery Row Antique Mall.  of all of the incredible things i could dig through there, i ended up spending most of my time there in the file cabinets filled with old photographs.  i stuck mostly to the boxes marked “women” and “couples”, probably because i’ve become fascinated with […]

13.01.25 a late new post for a late new year

long time no blog chatter, everyone.  like many things throughout life, writing, taking photos, and getting myself to tend to my website have shifted from front burner to the back in the past months.  but as with any year, i’m hopeful about documenting the beauty in things i witness in digital form and in real […]

12.06.26 dark side of the lens

i realize that i’ve been posting quite a few videos lately, but perhaps i’ve been more motion-inspired these days. a friend, Emily, who herself is a storyteller through animation, film, and photography*, posted the short film, Dark Side of the Lens, on facebook today. the film was created in 2010 by UK based group, Astray Films.

12.06.15 laura makabresku

i came across the photography of laura makabresku through her flickr a few years back. i was struck by her soft tones, layered exposures, and the dark&light fantasy worlds she captures.

12.06.13 #leaveyourlegacy

i’m not typically one to note promotional items, especially not for schools (because they’re not often notable…), but a video called “#leaveyourlegacy” about Stanford University is such a beautiful and moving representation of the school and thoroughly worth noting.

2012.06.03 treasure island in film

a few months back, i went on a photo excursion with my friend, Erin, to Treasure Island. Treasure Island is just a bus ride away from San Francisco, has beautiful views of the city and the bay, but also has an eerie atmosphere because of its numerous abandoned buildings.